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Launch Your Idea

Brian —  October 9, 2012

Throughout the process of Innové participants will have access to mentors called Navigators. These Navigators’ purpose is to support and encourage the participants, helping to bring the ideas closer to reality.

Along the way, participants will also have access to Skills Coaches. These Skills Coaches have very specific areas of expertise and are available to provide one on one coaching in a variety of skill sets. This helps bring the idea even closer to reality, having helped flesh it out and providing expertise in areas where questions still abound.

In addition, participants will have the opportunity to network and share their passions with each other. This sharing and networking brings the ideas even closer to launch.

Now armed with finely-tuned proposals, finals will receive financial funding to launch their ideas, or take their existing non-profit to the next level.

Desiring to ensure that every launch is a successful one, finalists also will be office space (depending on the needs) and further access to coaches during and incubation period.

We want to partner, support, care and encourage you in the coming years to ensure that your launch is successful and that your project flourishes and thrives.

We’re committed to help you achieve a successful launch. Where else are you going to get that kind of cheerleading and support?