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45 and Counting

Charlie —  January 31, 2013

139 Applicants submitted proposals to Innové for funding and support. This was a remarkable number for an endeavor in its first year. Our brilliant Publicity Task Force did a great job. Further brilliance was demonstrated by our Screening Task Force as they read over every application several times and selected 45 to move to the next step. The Navigators Task Force is currently reading the 45 applications and will select up to 24 as Semi-Finalists on Monday, February 11.

At the February 11 Navigators Meeting, each Semi-Finalist will be assigned a Navigator to guide them through the rest of the process. At this point Innové becomes a competition! Semi-Finalists will vie for funds to be determined by the Judges. At the same time, all Semi-Finalists receive mentoring, skills coaching, an opportunity to expand their networks and a worthwhile experience from Colonial Church. Every Semi-Finalist will be posted on the Innové website for you to meet and see and subsequently pray for.

On Saturday March 9, all Semi-Finalists, Navigators and as many Skills Coaches as possible are required to attend the day-long Innové Semi-Finalist Workshop. Under the direction of its own Task Force, this Workshop is coming together beautifully and looks to be a very exciting day. There will be inspirational speakers, entrepreneurial experts from throughout the Twin Cities, plenty of time to connect and network with coaching and other resources.


Innové itself is an entrepreneurial project. We’re learning a lot as we go along. It’s been well received not only by applicants, but by a number of organizations that have offered their own support. You’ve seen the media coverage as well. Brian Jones has visited business programs at St.Thomas and Bethel, as well as entrepreneurial groups, all of whom invited him to share our experience even as we are experiencing it! We continue to pray that Innové will make an important contribution to our life together as a church and, most importantly, to God’s work in the world.

It may be impossible to serve both God and money, Harrell said, “but to leverage capital for the sake of service is a powerful thing.”
Colonial’s simple idea here is that a business can be a very efficient way to fulfill the kind of humanitarian missions faith-based groups traditionally support.
And that is not serving money. It’s using money.

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Simply, Innové’s connection with Colonial Church is financial and in mentoring and skills sharing.

  1. Through the sale of a piece of land, Colonial Church was blessed with a sum of money and we didn’t want to hid the money under a “bushel basket”, so to speak. We saw it as a gift and wanted to maximize it. From this was birthed to idea to support young social entrepreneurs with $250,000 in support.
  2. Second, Colonial Church has a great tradition of innovation and is made up of a wide collection of caring, generous and intelligent people. There are highly successful and skilled people who want their faith to be lived out in real ways and to have the opportunity to share their experience in ways that mentor and support others. They’ll serve as mentors and skills coaches, pouring into our applicants.

This does not mean that participation with Innové is limited to current attenders of Colonial Church. Quite the opposite. Innové is an effort to reach outside our walls and draw in young entrepreneurs, supporting and mentoring them so they can can then be turned loose to serve the world.