Simple nail designs for beginners to do at home


Simple nail art designs always draw an attention and tons of compliments. But it is always havoc for beginners to add a dose of glamor to their nails when they bored from monotone color nails. Have you ever thought to create your own look by trying some nail art on your hands? Do you want to dip your toes with striking colors at home? No worries, take a peek at these Simple Nail Designs for beginners at home that is creative, lively and quirky. Read on and find the simple and gorgeous nail art design and accomplish it at home for whatever mood you are in. So, let’s begin and get the perfect nail look in just a few steps! Well, now you can!

Purple-Pink Floral Nail Art

The pink and white are a match made in heaven. This delightful combination gives you a simple yet classy nail look. You can create it in just a few steps. Wear this look on a sunny summer day or brighten up your dull days. You can use dark color over the white base and recreate this look by creating floral print on the whole nail.


  1. Apply two white polish coats as a base
  2. Create a floral print with pink polish using a thin brush
  3. Add some vigor to the pink flowers by using the purple nail polish
  4. Complete it with top coat

Plastic Wrap Nail Art Design

The combination of gold and light blue is so delightful and gorgeous. Although, it is a very rare combination you can wear it either casually or formally with the light blue outfit. You can get the unique texture by using the plastic wrap after applying the polish to the nails.


  1. For your base, apply the twice coats of gold nail polish.
  2. Apply a coat of blue nail polish over it when it dries
  3. Press creased plastic wrap over your nail when it is still wet.
  4. The gold nail polish soaking through the light blue nail polish
  5. Finish it with top coat

White Minimal Chevron Nail Art

This minimal nail art design is uber chic and easy to create. It’s all about white and white takes chevron nail art to another level.


  1. Create 3 Vs by placing the nail strips on your nail
  2. Now, start to apply the white polish over your nail tip.
  3. Fill the portion between the Vs using the thin brush
  4. While the nail polish is still wet, gently peel off the stickers from nail
  5. Top it up with a coat of clear nail polish.

Gold Glitter Nail Art

This simple nail art design for beginners is fancy but classy, and super quick and simple to recreate. It is the perfect design wear on the days when you want to go a little extra. Isn’t it cool?


  1. Start to apply two coat of nail polish over your nail
  2. Use a dotting tool and create pink dots on the corner of the nail
  3. Use the black nail polish to outline the pink dots
  4. Finish it with a coat of clear nail polish.

Leopard Print Nail Art Design

The leopard print nail art design is bold and easy to recreate but with a little patience. The end results are quite amazing with just a bit of will. You will love this animal pattern and it looks so trendy and classy.


  1. Start to apply two coats of nude nail polish for your base.
  2. Use brown-beige nail polish and Create uneven spots with a thin brush.
  3. Outline these spots with black nail polish when it dries. Remember to leave gaps in the middle.
  4. Finish it with a coat of clear nail polish.


That was our ideas for Simple nail art designs for beginners that any nail art newbie can create! There is no age limit when it comes to nail art designs because it is a lively way of expressing yourself. Now, it’s time to give makeover your nails with these simple nail art designs. Leave a comment and let us know which design you’ll try to give your nails a classy look.

Boo! Happy trick or treating!