Elise Kendall: International Food Dehydrator

Brian —  March 4, 2015

Meet our 2015 Innové Protégés, Team Kinosol.


Elise Kendall (Team KinoSol) [Navigated by Craig Westgate and Rob Kirscht]

KinoSol is a detachable mobile solar dehydrator that dries food for consumption, sale, and to extend shelf life.  KinoSol is marketed towards rural areas where cars aren’t the primary means of transport. The system can be attached to non-car transit sources by a hitch, increasing market accessibility and connecting farmers in small communities. The dehydrator component detaches from the main frame and can be replaced by storage units. Allowing food to dehydrating at home, additional produce can be sold at the market. KinoSol has a freestanding kickstand so individuals can perform other tasks while their food dehydrates.