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Meet our 2015 Innové Runner-up, Walid Issa of Shades Negotiation.


Walid Issa [Navigated by Rick Larkin and Bill Aldridge]

Walid Issa and Ethan Roberts represent Shades Negotiation Program (Shades NP), an executive negotiation and leadership training program, developed and delivered by distinguish global negotiation experts and practitioners for mid-career men and women moving into positions of influence in the public and private sectors in Israel and Palestine. Shades NP aims to develop a network of Palestinians, Israelis and international diplomats (based in the region), who are able to address difficult conflicts more effectively, using the methodology jointly learned and the channels of communication among the network members.

Keiona Cook: Sewing Training

Brian —  March 4, 2015

Meet our 2015 Innové Runner-up, Keiona Cook of Lovely Sewing.


Keiona Cook [Navigated by Jodi Powell]

Life skills Learning Center is for underprivileged youth that come from low income families, have ADHD and other behavior problems. Our main method is to teach the skill of sewing. Sewing teaches patience and focus. The other components the learning center will offer are digital screen printing, embroidery, and Fashion CAD. The location will also host parties as a fun learning tool.

Meet our 2015 Innové Runner-ups, Donormite.


Eric Darling [Navigated by Jane Wilson]

Our idea is to inspire generosity by allowing people to buy specific items for MN nonprofits. Imagine being able to buy a space heater for a local women’s shelter this past winter (True Story.) Our platform – Donormite – is committed to inspiring teens and young adults in the Twin Cities to be generous. We allow anyone, especially younger people, to create fundraising projects to raise support for Minnesota nonprofits specific needs. We want to enhance our service to allow seasoned donors and organizations to easily match the fundraising projects of younger donors, further encouraging them to be generous.

Meet our 2015 Innové Runner-up, Bryan Boyce of Cow Tipping!


Bryan Boyce [Navigated by Jim Cross]

We all were born in a given place and time among people with developmental disabilities, yet how many of us see and know these peers in our daily adult lives? Despite appreciable gains in the past half century, adults with developmental disabilities are a still too often segregated and thus marginalized group. My vision is to cultivate a corps of young leaders who will channel this population’s unique narrative capabilities through creative writing classes, events, and publications, allowing our developmentally disabled brothers and sisters and their stories to “disruptively” integrate with broader society and create cascading dialogue, understanding, and change.

Meet our 2015 Innové Runner-ups, Erik and Carissa.


Erik Swenson [Navigated by Traci Vitale]

Along with students at Bethany Global University (BGU) we will develop skills to work in, start and sustain Christian Montessori schools worldwide. Innové would support team members and other BGU entrepreneurs with a business and proven educational model that reaches children, their parents and communities. The Montessori model goes beyond religion, race and economic status drawing children and adults to hear the Gospel.

Meet our 2015 Innové Runner-up, Bart Phillips.


Bart Phillips [Navigated by Elliot Wachter]

For 11 years I had lead a grassroots tutoring and mentoring organization that provides a unique free afterschool program to inner city students in Chicago and, as of this fall, Minneapolis. Our unique curriculum focuses lessons, discussions, and projects around the values and awareness core to building and maintaining strong communities. I have purposefully built this organization independently from my professional career with the intent of finding other individuals with a passion for service and the connections a professional career brings to create a community unto ourselves.

Meet our 2015 Innové Runner-up, filmmaker JD O’Brien.


J.D. O’Brien [Navigated by Randy Larson]

We want to create a documentary called “Out In the Cold: A week of experiencing homelessness in Minneapolis.” Premise: A young man makes himself homeless for a week during the dead of winter in Minneapolis, in an effort to empathize with those who have to put up with that challenging reality.

Meet our 2015 Innové Runner-up, Thompson Aderinkomi of Retrace Health.


Thompson Aderinkomi [Navigated by Phil Krafft]

Our idea is to create a new kind of clinic with very little overhead that caters to the smaller budgets and tighter schedules of low income and middle income American families. RetraceHealth provides medical care, in the comfort of our patients’ homes at a transparent price that low/middle income American families can afford despite their high deductibles.

Meet our 2015 Innové Runner-ups, Rachel and Jake Beaudry.


Rachel Beaudry [Navigated by Tim Anderson and Jinny Jensen]

YOYO is a Thursday night volunteer program developed to empower the kids and teens of the Frogtown neighborhood through connecting them with Christ and developing a mentorship relationship with the YOYO leaders.



Meet our 2015 Innové Runner-up, Hayden Larson.


Hayden Larson [Navigated by Ellen Quereshi]

Our idea is to use the simple idea of a Christmas ornament to both share the good news of the Christmas story and create jobs in places of poverty. We started in Haiti by employing Haitians to build beautiful Christmas ornaments, then sold them through a variety of outlets in the US, reinvesting the money back into Haiti to support many worthy causes like churches, schools, feeding programs and more job creation. Innové would take the concept to Guatemala and create jobs there.