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Meet our 2015 Innové Protégé, Lori Magstadt of Launch Ministries.


Lori Magstadt [Navigated by Jane and Rob Davidson]

Youth and young adults in the southwest metro are struggling in many areas of life including housing, employment, transportation, finances, mental health, addictions and decision-making. Launch Ministry, which has provided mentoring, Bible studies and support groups, has expanded to pilot the only resource center in the southwest metro to connect homeless youth with services they desperately need. After seeing tremendous need in the two months of being open a few hours per week, Launch wishes to secure the dedicated space and staff in order to operate 5 days per week to better meet the needs of those who are struggling.

Eric Jenson: 3D Printed Arms

Brian —  March 4, 2015

Meet our 2015 Innové Protégé, Eric Jenson of Magic Arms.


Eric Jenson [Navigated by Al Qureshi]

I’ve started a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a WREX device to every child who needs one. Our organization was inspired by Emma, who was born with a rare disease. Without a WREX, Emma was not able to lift her arms.  Tens of thousands of kids like Emma are born each year. Only 1-2 children per month are being fitted with 3D printed WREX devices out of A.I.DuPont Hospital for Children in DE. We will increase bandwidth by establishing care centers around the country, and we will work to develop an off-the-shelf version of WREX that will be covered by insurance.

Meet our 2015 Innové Protégés, Team Kinosol.


Elise Kendall (Team KinoSol) [Navigated by Craig Westgate and Rob Kirscht]

KinoSol is a detachable mobile solar dehydrator that dries food for consumption, sale, and to extend shelf life.  KinoSol is marketed towards rural areas where cars aren’t the primary means of transport. The system can be attached to non-car transit sources by a hitch, increasing market accessibility and connecting farmers in small communities. The dehydrator component detaches from the main frame and can be replaced by storage units. Allowing food to dehydrating at home, additional produce can be sold at the market. KinoSol has a freestanding kickstand so individuals can perform other tasks while their food dehydrates.

Matthew Glover: Somali Cooking

Brian —  March 4, 2015

Meet our 2015 Innové Protégé, Matthew Glover of HOYO.


Matthew Glover [Navigated by Jason Puett and Dylan Decker]

We want to empower Somali women through Somali food. Single moms are the normal in Somali cultural. We want to ease the burden of these moms through employment and access. Our product is the labor intensive Sambusa, a meat pastry. We will hire Somali women to make these Sambusa in bulk and distribute them to western markets creating jobs and awareness for Somali cuisine. We will also distribute them to Somali markets and make them available to Somali moms who will no longer have to make them from scratch nightly.

Meet our 2015 Innové Protégé, Joy McBrien of Fair Anita.


Joy McBrien [Navigated by Kristin Day]

Empowering women as leaders can positively transform the world. My project – Fair Anita – unleashes the power of the female entrepreneur. We provide trendy products made by female entrepreneurs around the world. The sales of these products provide economic opportunity for over 1000 talented yet marginalized women in 10+ developing countries. Our message is women investing in other women, creating positive impact globally.


Meet our 2015 Innové Protégés, Venture Miles.


Aaron Smith [Navigated by JA Schwartz]

Venture Miles would be a program that combines miles-based fundraising for missions with devotional journeys and spiritual disciplines – the result being measurable change in both participants and in oppressed, unreached and vulnerable people around the world.

Our vision is to engage 10,000 people in sacrificial, faith-forming experiences, logging over 1 million miles, and raising 8 million dollars to measurably impact 62,000 poor, oppressed and unreached people, all for the Glory of God.