Beyond Limits

Brian —  April 12, 2013

Mission: Independent living in a Christian college setting for young adults with disabilities.

Beyond Limits, a collaborative partnership venture based at Bethany College, will offer a two year residential post-secondary Christian campus experience and a Beyond Limits life skills certificate for qualified young adults with developmental disabilities. The program includes a customized selection of audited Bethany classes, independent living skills courses, and on-campus job placement and coaching to gain work skills in Bethany’s student work-study program.

The Students:
A selection process for students will be developed to ensure the success of the students and Beyond Limits. Applicants will be screened for appropriate social interaction and evaluated to help determine an ability to live semi-independently in a college setting.

The Strategy:
The challenges and obstacles associated with building such a program are varied and complicated. We will employ skilled, caring and daring individuals to help create, implement and monitor Beyond Limits. Initially, mini residential experiences will be offered to assess challenges, evaluate possibilities and develop strategies. A target date of September 2014 is set for the first full semester.

Housing will be secured at Bethany’s on-campus apartments and dorms. Beyond Limits students will live together along with requited, trained and compensated Bethany Students who will help to ensure the success and safety of Beyond Limits students.

Typical Day:
Programming will include all aspects of a campus life typical for Bethany College students.
– Three to four hours a day of campus jobs will help students gain work skills. All Bethany students participate in this work-study program.
– One or two audited classes selected from Bethany’s current offerings based on student’s interests and abilities.
– One or two life skills classes designed specifically for the needs of Beyond Limits students.
– Three meals a day on the Bethany meal plan and inclusion at all Bethany College activities including chapel services, field trips, and college events.

The staff will consist of:
• Executive Director (develop, implement and lead programatic ministry to achieve outcomes)
• Administrator/Case Manager (support operational functions; guide students and parents in developing a personalized program that allows participants to succeed)
• Associate staff to include these part time and volunteer positions:
– Residential support (Bethany students, interns and staff to guide, monitor, assist, and help trouble shoot for Beyond Limits students).
– Instructors (Current Bethany professors and volunteer life skills instructors. Will direct students in and out of classroom learning environments).
– Campus pastor (Volunteer position. Will help students deepen their relationship with Jesus).



Beyond Limits recently had a successful launch of their first class of 5 students. Website: Beyond Limits College

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