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Submit your idea to change the world.


Grow your idea with practical help.


Launch your idea with funding.


Serve the world. Your idea = reality.

What is Innové?

Good for the Gospel

Innové beautifully brings together a vast array of amazing gifts —business people, arts people, social services people, accountants, lawyers, managers, executives, marketers, technologists and more—all using what they do best for the sake of God’s work in the world. This is good: good for the gospel, good for the church, good for our Protégés and good for the world. So good, that Jesus gives it an eternal lifetime guarantee.

New Ideas

Have a great idea?

Innové Innové exists to help grow ideas to serve others. For our first season 139 applications were submitted, each an idea to do good in the world. While not all eventually received a portion of the $250,000 to fund their ideas, each took a step forward in honing their mission. Please check out our blog for the latest updates.


Let's Grow Together

It takes nurturing for a seed of an idea to grow. Semi-finalists were paired with mentors with expertise in mission, start-ups, finance, operations and more. Semi-finalists also gathered for a one-day workshop to share ideas, and receive coaching toward success while building community together. You need to build strong relationships to launch a world-changing idea. Click here to read more.


Launch Your Idea

It takes more than funding for a successful launch. Protégés enter into an incubation period where they receive continued support in the multitude of details it takes to go from concept to scale. Each project has its unique needs so the incubation period is customized for fit.

  • $250,000 in funding
  • 100 Knowledgable Mentors
  • A BIG congregation eager to support you


Serve The World

The energy Christians gain from their relationship to Jesus is ultimately intended for the sake of others. Applied to entrepreneurship, the purpose of work is to serve. We serve the world by creating and providing goods and services that enable people and the earth to flourish. Christian entrepreneurship seeks opportunities to help, heal, restore, redeem or bring hope.

Innové will continue our relationship with you after launch. Working together, we’ll serve the world with mission, purpose, meaning and joy.